Current Students

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At Daymar College, we understand that the classroom is only half of the college experience. It takes a balance between academics and social activities to fully enjoy college life. That's why we provide an atmosphere that fosters camaraderie between students and instructors. We also encourage you to join one of the Daymar College organizations sponsored by the school and student services. You will remember your college experience for the rest of your life. We even offer ways for our alumni to connect long after their college days. Make you college memories happy ones at Daymar College.

Disability Services

The College complies fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  Daymar is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with a disability unless providing such accommodation would result in an undue burden or fundamentally alter the nature of the program, benefit, or service provided by the school.  To request an auxiliary aid or service please contact the campus President or campus Director.  The initial steps for students wishing to request an auxiliary aid or service include discussing the need and providing current medical evidence to support of the disability four weeks prior to the start of classes or as soon as practicable so that the school has time to address the request.

Student Information

For information about campus security, campus crime statistics and Daymar's Consumer Information Guide, please click here: Student Information

Daymar provides our students with the opportunity to submit concerns anonymously by calling the Student Matter Hotline 855-DAYMAR (432-9627)